Our History

Our programmes deliver exceptional results, and are contributing to a youth talent pool that is informed and driven to achieve great things. In 15 years we have achieved great milestones, and continue to be inspired by the vital roles that young people can play in our country’s economy and work force if they have a sound education in Maths and Science. 

How we started 

One centre in 2005

Our programme in 2005 we started with one centre at Dobsonville, Soweto with 140 Grade 12 students

Our Tipping Point in 2008

Our students performed outstandingly in their Grade 12 end of year exams, 140 students achieved 84 STEM distinctions and 10 students achieved 100% in Maths.

Winning Formula

Our results were a testament to a proven programme, we started approaching corporate funders for support to grow.

Years Established (2005-2020)

total decent passes in Maths & Science

Maths & Science Distinctions

Our Beginning

Our programme was initiated by STEM educators 15 years ago in Dobsonville Soweto. We noticed that students were performing poorly in Mathematics and Physical Science. We gathered committed educators and began planning our response.

In 2008, our programme reached a tipping point. Our 140 students produced: 

  • 22 C’s 
  • 34 B’s 
  • 84 distinctions 
  • and 10 students achieved 100% in Maths 

We could offer tuition over weekends to a small group of students to boost their STEM performance. We wanted to start small, achieve outstanding results, then scale our model to advance Maths and Science performance on a large scale.

Our programme was initiated by STEM educators 15 years ago in Dobsonville Soweto, South africa’s largest township post apartheid. We noticed that students were passing Mathematics and Physical Science with poor performance and something needed to be done. 

Only the Best


Solid Track Record

+15 Years Experience achieveing STEM results amongst township and rural youth



Level 1 QSE  and a B-BBEE Contributor 



Registered NGO and Section 18 A Tax Compliance


Girl Centric

Our programmes specifically encourage female learners to pursue Maths and Science at a high school level, to boost the quantity of female professionals in STEM careers nationally.



Our Programmes respond to the United Nations Sustaimable Development Goals of No Poverty; Creating conditions for a Quality Education and Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Reduced Inequalities.


Development Focused

We adhere to the National Priorities as set by the South African Government in the NDP 2030, of supporting the Creation of 1 Million New Jobs and enabling access to a Quality Education for All.   


Job Creation

Our alumni are captains of industry and top professionals in their respective fields. We have grown and nurtured a black talent pool of professionals to serve the job market. 


Training and Upskilling

Engineered learner, teacher development and alumni programmes with proven results. Our programmes provide a proven platform and pipeline for learners to enter professional careers.


About Us

Aligned to the National Development Plan  Vision 2030 

Level 1 QSE BBEE Contributor

Registered Non-Profit Organisation

PBO Tax Exempt

15 + Years Experience

Founded by STEM Educators and Principals 


Founded in 2005

15 Years of outstanding STEM results 

25 788 Decent passes achieved in Maths & Science in 15 yrs

7208 Maths & Science Distinctions in 15 yrs

Aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goal’s 

Aligned to the NDP 2030 National Priorities



We are a Non-Profit Organisation committed to accelerating the quality and quantity of Mathematics and Physical Science performance amongst township youth in South Africa. Growing and nurturing a black talent pool of professionals pursuing scarce skills careers like Commerce, Engineers, Science,  Mining, Technology and Mathematics.

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