Our Programmes

Our programmes provide a proven platform and pipeline from high school to tertiary education and professional careers.

What we do


Teacher Development

Workshops and Support for educators.


Learner Support

Maths and Science Classroom tuition programme for township students 


Career Path

Tools & Content, from career advice to tertiary and job applications 

Alumni Programmes

Support and Networking for students to plot and pursue their career journey

Growth, replication

Whilst statistics tell a story of scale, our success is best told through the stories of our young people. With fierce dedication and excellence, they are the true champions of our work. 

And Perfection 

With over 15 years of successful STEM results, our aim is to replicate our programmes and scale. To increasingly advance the STEM performance of township and rural youth.


Focus Areas

Our programmes provide a proven platform and a pipeline for learners to enter professional careers, from high school level to the workplace and beyond. 

National Footprint

We have a trained, committed and experienced curriculum team on the ground that delivers our programmes with consistency.

Local Development

Capacitating teachers and learners in townships and rural areas, we have proven local development strategies which are tried & tested.

Training & Upskilling

An engineered Career Development programme with sustainable results. A market differentiator with alumni success stories.

Job Creation

Our alumni are captains of industry, opening doors and enabling peer-to-peer role modelling for our next generation.

Building capacity amongst Maths and Science township educators.

4 + 15 =

Teacher Development

We recruit the best talent, from our head office staff to the teachers who deliver our programme. Talent involves proficiency in our teams’ knowledge of Maths and Science  curriculum content and most importantly, their ability to bring content to life, their creativity in lesson plans, revisions and most importantly teaching methods. Our educators are committed to their vocation and most have been part of our organisation since inception.

Teacher development enables educators to understand and unpack concepts, methodology and delivery of teaching content.

Help us capacitate more teachers on the CAPS curriculum and prepare them to deliver classroom lessons with confidence and high quality.

Accelerating the Mathematics and Physical Science performance of black learners. 

12 + 10 =

Learner Programme

We provide Maths and Science tuition programmes to Grade 10, 11 and 12 students across South Africa. Our aim is to accelerate the STEM performance of black learners in township and rural areas to ensure they pass matric with top marks and achieve a Bachelor’s Pass for entry into university.

Our learner programmes run in 8 provinces across South Africa. Over the past 15 years we have boosted the performance of over 25 000 black learners and helped them achieve over 7 000 distinctions in Maths and Science, enabling our students to pursue tertiary education and a professional career. Our programme makes a tangible contribution to the national pass rates and distinctions in Mathematics and Physical Science, our learners are consistently amongst the the top regional and national performers for the Department of Education.

Help us scale our model and increase our impact, enabling more black learners to access tertiary education and professional careers.

Providing the content and role models to guide learners into professional careers. 

5 + 6 =

Career Path

Our teams travel to all centres enabling learners from Kutlwanong and feeder/ neighbouring schools to access career path content and guidance. Our programmes specifically encourage female learners to pursue Maths and Science at a high school level, to boost the quantity of female professionals in STEM careers nationally.

Peer Role models–  Our alumni (univesity and workplace) represent Black Excellence. They went to the same high schools and were taught by the same teachers, enabling peer to peer role modelling. Our high school learners can relate to their experiences and pay attention to their career advice.

We provide assistance with bursary and tertiary application for all students to access tertiary education when achieving their Bachelors Pass.

Support, networking and community for tertiary and workplace graduates.

11 + 7 =

Alumni Programme

Our tertiary alumni societies at universities and technikons are powerful forms of support and community for students as they make the transition between school and higher education. Our alumni societies enable networking, support and mentorship. Nurturing talent and opening doors for the next generation of black professional youth.

Our workplace alumni are captains of industry and top professionals in their field, opening doors and enabling peer-to-peer role modelling for the next generation of youth. Many of our workplace alumni visit high schools and conduct career workshops, helping learners to understand STEM careers in detail.  Our graduates also attend our matric top performer award ceremonies, as guest speakers forming powerful role models for our black learners to aspire towards in professional careers. 

Enabling opportunities for graduates and workplace alumni to connect.


About Us

Level 1 QSE BBEE Contributor

Registered Non-Profit Organisation 

PBO Tax Exempt

15 + Years Experience 

Founded by STEM Educators and Principals


Founded in 2005

15 Years of outstanding STEM results 

25 788 Township youth assisted

7208 Maths and Science Distinctions

20 000+ Maths and Science decent passes  



We are a Non-Profit Organisation committed to accelerating the quality and quantity of Mathematics and Physical Science performance amongst township youth in South Africa. Growing and nurturing a black talent pool of professionals pursuing scarce skills careers like Commerce, Engineers, Science,  Mining, Technology and Mathematics.

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